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(Items in BRICK denote projects designed by Rodney Friedrich.)

Vineland Station, Master Plan (2007-2011)
Rodney Friedrich, Design
New Commercial/residential mixed use development, including an approved restaurant, wine tasting facility, tea/coffee/bakery & tanning salon.
Enchanted Resorts - Resort & Residential, Calistoga, CA (2004)
Rodney Friedrich, Design
BAR Architects
Master plan development by Rodney Friedrich. Rodney Friedrich sold the project to Enchantment Resorts who are working on a master plan for a world class hotel and residential project in the Napa Valley.
Cripple Creek Casino & Hotel, Cripple Creek, CO (1997)
Rodney Friedrich, Design
Design and Development Partner for new hilltop casino/hotel in Cripple Creek, Colorado
Southern Ute Indian Casino, Durango, CO (1996)
Rodney Friedrich, Project Manager
Renovation of existing hotel and construction of new casino for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe
Premium Factory Outlet Centers, USA (1985 - 1993)
Oversaw development and construction of various Factory Outlet shopping malls throughout the United States


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